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    Day 22 | A Miserable Day in Moab

    March 31, 2017

    Much to my chagrin, I woke up this morning with red welts all over my body. Hives! They were miserably itchy too! I also had a bad sore throat but thankfully, no throat swelling.

    Ideally for my health, we would have left the area immediately. Sadly, we couldn’t do that today. Brett absolutely needed to get some work done and leaving Moab to find another town would have taken us into areas that were predicting a lot of snow.

    Staying in Moab was miserable for me and stressful for Brett, but we did what had to be done. My pain levels increased, my brain fog and head pressure came back and I felt so utterly exhausted. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do anything besides sit in the car while Brett worked.

    First he tried creating a hotspot with his phone and working outside in a hotel parking lot. Unfortunately the connection was too slow and we had to find a coffee shop with internet instead.

    I just sat around all day and tried to stay distracted. I had too much brain fog to write much and I honestly don’t really remember exactly what I did.

    The only thing I liked about Moab is that they have a restaurant that serves high-quality local foods. Brett got me lunch there and I didn’t react to the burger and salad. It was really yummy but it definitely didn’t make up for how terrible I felt in Moab. I would rather have fasted all day.

    At around 4pm Brett had to stop working even though he wasn’t completely finished. We still needed to get some groceries and we wanted to make sure there was daylight left over to look for a spot to sleep.

    After Brett bought some food, we drove out of town to check out some of the surrounding camping areas. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel any better in those places. We came across two fracking sites around there and couldn’t help but wonder if that was part of the problem.

    In the end we decided to drive further away from Moab and just find somewhere along the road where we could sleep. After 45 minutes of driving we spotted a little nook next to a railroad track. We pulled over and rolled down the windows to test the air. It felt pretty good so we decided to stay. I am so relieved to finally be out of Moab!

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