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    Day 61 | Off-Gassing Our New Van

    May 9, 2017

    This morning we drove up to the mountain near Sara and Peter’s place to off-gas our van. Elevation is really good at denaturing biotoxins and chemicals. We also ran the heat for several hours while we were up there to get the new car fumes out of the hvac system.

    Then we came back down to keep working on building the bed. Sara and I screwed all the wooden boards together to make the bottom part of the bed where the mattress will sit and then lifted it into the van. It was really unwieldy and the strong winds made it rather difficult. But we got it in there! ­čÖé

    After we secured it to the head of the bed, we crawled underneath to screw in one more horizontal support plank. Now all that we had left to do was build the headboard.

    Sara and Peter have a really cool Himalayan salt headboard in their van. The salt sits between two metal screens and releases healthy negative ions when the sun heats it up. It’s really cool and we’re going to make one for our van too!

    We just barely got started on the headboard when we had to stop working suddenly. It got really really cold and started raining. We rushed around trying to get all the wood back into the van. We definitely didn’t want that getting wet!

    And guess what? I discovered that I can run! For the first time in 5 years, I can actually run! Not only that, I can run and carry heavy objects at the same time!

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