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    Day 148 | Naughty Doggy!

    August 4, 2017

    Remember that time when Ramona ate half of Brett’s salad? Well, I guess we didn’t learn our lesson. It happened again, only this time it was worse.

    We were making salad for lunch today while Ramona was taking a nap in the front seat of the van. We set the cutting board and the toppings on the cabinet in the van and Brett cut up the apples and cheese while I cooked the bacon. Then he left to go put something away.

    When I went back in the van to bring the last two strips of bacon, I noticed Ramona’s head poking through the curtains that separate the front of the van from the back. There was no cheese left on the cutting board and she was eating the bacon I had already cooked. Ramona!!! No way!!! I grabbed her immediately and put her in her crate.

    At first, Brett and I were just really upset that she ate our expensive organic food and wasted our time! But pretty soon we started to worry for her too. She ate four slices of cheese and three strips of bacon! That’s a lot of fat for a little 20 pound dog!

    We knew that pancreatitis can be a risk when dogs eat too much fat and we really didn’t want anything bad to happen to Ramona. The veterinarians on the internet recommended hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting in a situation like this. So we headed to the nearest gas station as quickly as we could to get some.

    When we got back, I held her mouth open while Brett poured in two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. It wasn’t pleasant but she cooperated. Then I took her on a little walk to get her to throw up. She vomited several times and I’m sorry if this is TMI, but it was all there… still intact! She hadn’t even chewed it!

    I don’t understand how dogs can love food so much when they basically inhale it! Can they even taste it?! To each their own, I suppose. Haha. I’m just glad Ramona is okay. From now on, she’s going in her crate when we’re preparing food.

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