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Prairie Dogs

    Day 59 | “Come Feed the Prairie Dogs!”

    May 7, 2017

    We spent today driving our new van back to Wyoming so we can get started on converting it into a mobile camper. The drive was really boring because I was afraid our phone might be contaminated and didn’t want to use it. So we weren’t able to listen to anything or call family.

    The one really fun thing we got to do today was feeding prairie dogs! Brett saw a billboard that said “Come Feed the Prairie Dogs!” and decided to stop. I didn’t see the billboard but I’ve always said that I wish I could have a prairie dog as a pet. He knew I would love it!

    It turns out, they’re doing some research on prairie dogs and have a little shop where you can buy peanuts to feed to them. I guess it helps the prairie dogs to become less afraid of humans. I was worried I might react to the peanuts since I was allergic to them when I was living in mold. Amazingly, I didn’t react to holding them in my hand at all.

    And the prairie dogs were so cute! Some of them were more shy and they would take a few steps toward us and then run away. Others were more courageous and would come right up to grab a peanut out of my hand. When I ran out of peanuts two of them started pawing at me and nibbling on my fingers begging for more. Brett went to get more peanuts and after that they would only eat out of his hand. Haha! They were so adorable! I’ll never forget that experience.

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