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    Day 118 | HOT!

    July 5, 2017

    Today was just about the hottest day ever! 107 degrees! Can you believe that? 107 degrees people! We were melting!

    Literally, all my sunscreen melted off and I got burned. This blazing heat is really doing a number on my skin. I was thinking maybe I should switch to wearing long sleeves and a hat. I don’t know though, that sounds even hotter!

    We didn’t have any way to escape the heat because we don’t use the air conditioner in our van. We worry that the condensation from the AC might increase the risk of mold growing in the hvac system. A lot of biotoxin illness sufferers have had problems with moldy air conditioners.

    It doesn’t matter much though because even if we could use the AC, there’s always lots of work to do outside the van! So yeah, I did the laundry and cooked on our campstove and wrote a blog post as I was being boiled alive.

    Haha! I’m exaggerating! It really wasn’t that bad. I just kept thinking how detoxifying it was that I was sweating so much! 😉

    I was a little worried for Ramona though but we kept her well supplied with ice and water and she slept under the van for most of the day. What a cutie! I’m just so happy we got to keep her. That was a situation where I begged God to make a way and he answered.

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