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Giggling Springs

    Day 45 | I’m A Lucky Girl

    April 23, 2017

    I slept much better with the new blankets! They weren’t quite warm enough but it was so nice to actually get some sleep.

    Because hiking and soaking in the hot spring helped me so much yesterday we decided to do it again this morning. This time we climbed up a rocky bluff. It was a little more strenuous than yesterday’s hike but so worth it. I am still so amazed that I can even hike at all! Sometimes it seems almost bizarre that mold avoidance could help so much! But like a fellow Lyme sufferer likes to say, “If it works, it’s not weird.” šŸ˜„

    Going back to the Giggling Springs was really relaxing. The girl who works there kept commenting on how sweet our marriage is. I think it’s really interesting that strangers can see that we have a special marriage. I’m not sure what we do that makes them notice but people often comment on our relationship.

    I guess it’s powerful for people to see Brett caring for me faithfully and sacrificing so much to love me. Sadly, that kind of love is not something people witness every day.Ā Even though I never would have chosen this illness, I am glad that people get to see a small glimpse of God’s love when they watch Brett giving everything to get me better. I’m a lucky girl!

    After we were done enjoying the hot spring, we headed back toward our campsite in El Malpais National Monument. We figured the plume had dissipated by now and we really needed to get back to our stuff. Not to mention, we also desperately need to do some laundry.

    Unfortunately, when we finally arrived in El Malpais National Monument I started having exposure symptoms. They were milder versions of what I had on Thursday nightā€“ chest tightness, head pressure, and throat irritation. Based on these symptoms, it seems like the plume has dissipated a lot but it’s not below my threshold yet. So we decided to turn around and eventually found a decent place to sleep in the car by a gravel road in San Fidel. I guess things were getting a little too easy… haha.

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