Day 4 | Internet

March 13, 2017

Another good night of sleep in a row! Woohoo! I think everything is gonna be okay. I slept with different socks and barely had any hives this morning.

I was excited to try out our new canopy and the chair Brett got for me today. The canopy provided some wonderful shade but unfortunately, I started feeling really nauseous and headache-y when I sat in the chair. It wasn’t obvious to us that the chair had caused the symptoms but we thought it best to let it sit in the sun a while and wash it with water before using it again.

After I had some duck eggs and frozen mango for breakfast we headed into Furnace Creek so Brett could get some work done. Furnace Creek is the only campground with internet access around here and it’s about 30 minutes away from our tent camping site.

I’m at Furnace Creek now and the nausea and headache has mostly abated since being out of the car. I feel okay here besides being really hot. I do hope my body adjusts to the heat, or maybe it won’t have to. My weather app says the temperature will be dropping a bit next week.

So far, we’ve only been able to decontaminate by washing our hair and wiping down with wet washcloths. I’m hoping today or tomorrow we’ll either be able to find a private place to take a full water bottle shower or else get a shower pass to use the showers 15 minutes from our campsite.

I’d love to use a real shower but I’m not supposed to go in buildings and I’m concerned about the swimming pool that is in the same building. I have reacted very badly to chlorine in the past. Other biotoxin illness patients have told us that mold avoidance can eventually greatly reduce chemical sensitivities. I can’t wait! It’s exhausting to have to avoid so many things that are so ubiquitous!

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