Day 6 | Goodbye Campsite

March 15, 2017

Last night after a very helpful consultation with Sara Mattson, we decided to drive back to the dirt road where I felt so good and sleep in our car. I felt really good there again and the sleep I got was wonderful. Unfortunately, we were at a higher elevation and I did wake up several times from the cold.

Today we are packing up and moving to that lovely place with all our stuff. I say we, but the truth of the matter is that I am sitting around while Brett does most of the work. I did pack up a few of my things but I often feel like a child who tries to help but just ends up getting in the way and creating more work.

I don’t have much energy at this campsite anymore and I’ve been feeling pretty lousy so I decided to read my Bible and work on this blog post. Brett is finishing up the daily laundry, washing and filling our water jugs, and trying to cram all of our gear into our tiny rental car. I do hope he succeeds. 😊

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