Day 2 | Lots of Laundry

March 11, 2017

Well… Our first night sleeping in a tent didn’t go so well. First, when I got into my sleeping bag for the night I immediately started itching. We decided we should try switching sleeping bags and sure enough, the itching stopped. My sleeping bag must have gotten contaminated with something. That was just a minor inconvenience though.

The real problem came when the night got a lot colder than the weather report lead us to believe. We didn’t get in early enough to decontaminate all of our blankets yesterday so all we had was one thin fleece sleeping bag each. We shivered and shivered and could not wait for the sun to come up! It was miserable! I eventually fell asleep in the early morning and when I woke up again at around 11am my wish had come true. The sun was up, I was sweating like crazy, and it was hot! Really HOT!

The main tasks of the day were to get ice for our cooler and wash our extra sleeping bags to use for warmth. Brett did the work and I just tagged along wishing I had the strength and energy help more. Thankfully our tent is right next to the water source so Brett didn’t have to carry our laundry buckets too far.

We got ice at the general store that’s about 15 minutes away from our campsite. I decided it was probably safe for me to go in too since we were still in the middle of the desert. We picked out some hats there because we quickly realized how badly we needed them in this bright sunshine.

We also met some of the other campers today and couldn’t help wishing that we were just here for a little weekend vacation too. I got tired of hearing Brett explain why we couldn’t go hiking or site-seeing and I started to feel a little out of place.

When Brett explained our situation to one eccentric older lady she would not stop saying “Your wife is just f***ed” over and over. She kept repeating it even when Brett told her we were trying to make the best of it and there was hope. Well thanks lady, we are well aware that our life is imploding right now but it’s really encouraging to hear that you also agree! Haha! I don’t know what she was thinking! 😉

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