Day 52 | Why Humans Build Houses

April 30, 2017

It’s a good thing we braced ourselves for another rough night last night because it turned out to be awful. It was really cold and I barely slept at all. Brett, slept a little better than I did because he has a nice thick sleeping bag. I haven’t been able to find a warm sleeping bag that I can tolerate yet so I’m relying on cotton blankets and base-layer clothing. It’s worked just fine for most nights but the temperature dropped a lot last night. Being cold is so miserable! I can definitely understand why humans started building houses.

When it finally warmed up a little this morning, I was able to sleep on and off until noon. Then we decided to head back to Albuquerque to get a new phone for me and pick up some supplements I ordered from Amazon. Thankfully, Apple has a payment plan now that makes it much easier to afford a new phone. We haven’t gotten it set up yet because we’re trying to be very careful about protecting it from our contaminated belongings. It very difficult to do that when we’re living out of a small car. Everything is crammed together and we don’t have a good way to keep contaminated items separate from everything else.

After we were done in Albuquerque, we decided to head back to the Jemez Springs area and see if we could find a good campsite there. We are really hoping to find a place where we can stay until the weather warms up in Wyoming. We really need a good spot so that I can spend more time outdoors again. Spending my days in the car with all of our contaminated belongings hasn’t been the best for my symptoms. I am still doing worlds better than I was when we were living in civilization but I’m not doing as well as I was two weeks ago.

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  • Natalie Julson

    Praying for you guys always. Sending hugs your way ❤

    May 2, 2017 at 10:00 pm Reply
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